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Sedation Dentistry Services in Portage, MI

At Portage Northern Dental, we understand that some of our patients may feel stressed or nervous about visiting the dentist. However, we want you to know that we provide sedation dentistry in Portage, MI. Dental anxiety is not unique and affects many people throughout the community. We care for patients with dental anxiety nearly every day in our comfortable dental clinic. Using sedation options, including NO2 and oral sedation, are just the first steps. Our caring and compassionate team is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need every step of the way. Don't let your dental anxiety stand in the way of your oral hygiene.
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Learn More About Our Oral Sedation Options

Many patients are concerned about the pain and discomfort they may experience while undergoing oral treatment. Dentistry has come a long way, and dental procedures and cleanings are nearly painless in many situations. However, some of our patients may prefer to take advantage of our sedation options. At Portage Northern Dental, we provide numerous types of sedation dentistry, including:

  • NO2 – Nitrous Oxide (NO2), sometimes referred to as laughing gas is a form of sedation that is commonly used in our office. The sedation is administered through a comfortable mask the patient places over their mouth and nose before the treatment. It is a mild sedative that wears off after about 10 minutes. Patients can still drive themselves after their appointment.
  • Oral Sedation – Oral sedation is a type of pill that patients can take before an in-depth or complex treatment. The effects of the oral sedation can last for hours, so they must have someone who can drive them once the treatment is complete.
Oral Sedation in Portage, MI

Is Oral Sedation Right for Me?

Your oral health is part of your total body health, so it's crucial you visit the dentist's office at least every six months for your routine check-up. You shouldn't let your fear or anxiety get in the way of your oral care. We take a comprehensive approach to helping our patients deal with the stresses of visiting dentists, including providing compassionate and customizable care and sedation dentistry. We may recommend dental sedation for the following:

  • Complex Treatments – Oral sedation is ideal for every patient undergoing a long or complex treatment to help reduce pain throughout the treatment.
  • Dental Anxiety – Those who are suffering from dental anxiety or overall chronic fear of pain may benefit from oral sedation before their procedure.
  • Sensitive Teeth – Some patients choose oral sedation because they have sensitive teeth or low pain tolerance.
Sedation Dentistry in Portage, MI

Keeping You Safe and Comfortable During Dental Treatments

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